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Alethea Alexander (M.F.A., Dance) is a Seattle-based dance artist and educator. Her passion for sensation-based dance exploration informs her teaching, creative and personal dance practices in western concert dance forms. She has performed with the artists of Bellingham Repertory Dance (Bellingham); Chamber Dance Company, Quark Contemporary Dance Theatre, The Stone Dance Collective and Ballet Bellevue (Seattle); and Unum Dance Company, Scott Wells and Jo Kreiter (San Francisco). Born in Washington State, Alethea grew up in the little northwest corner city of Bellingham. She was a faculty member at the University of Washington from 2018-2020, and at Whatcom Community College from 2014-2016, and has taught at Velocity Dance Center, ODC Dance Commons, Dance Church® and Pilates studios up and down the west coast.

Photo: Steve Korn

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